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"mini" pound cake desserts, with a big burst of homemade flavor

Mini Pound Cake cupcakes, Pound Cake Balls, Mini Pound Cakes, Pound cake Bites and Our summertime treat Pound Cake Ice cream! 


Always something Special found here!

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For each and every month there's a special sweet treat! ... So come and  enjoy some "mini' pound cake treats .... from none other than P.S.(petite sweets)
Hopefully this months special is your favorite! ... maybe Red Velvet, Chocolate, Granny's Butter, Lemon,  Strawberry .... and more!

pound cake ball .... 12 for $15
"mini" Pound Cakes ... 6 for $21
Dipped Strawberries $30

limit 3 orders per customer...

New!  Ask us about  fruit bouquets:  P.S. Fruit Bouquets 

(Pound Cake Balls)
"mini" pound cakes
Dipped Strawberries

Mini Pound Cakes and Pricing:






Granny's Butter

Deliciously moist Butter Pound Cake topped with a buttercream glaze


Double Chocolate Chip

Decadent Chocolate Pound Cake with milk chocolate chips added to this awesome batter topped with, a melt- in your mouth, chocolate glaze sprinkled with chocolate  


Banana Nut

Delicious Butter Pound Cake blended with fresh banana and chopped walnuts topped with a buttercream glaze sprinkled with chopped walnuts



Butter Milk Pound Cake blended with fresh buttermilk topped with a sweet buttermilk glaze


Red Velvet

Vibrant red Velvet Pound Cake dipped in a vanilla coating and sprinkled with red edible crystals



Moist and delicious Caramel infused Pound Cake topped with our specialty caramel glaze and sprinkled with chopped pecans


Cream Cheese

The most moist and decadent cream cheese Pound Cake topped with a vanilla glaze and delicately slivered almonds 



Strawberry Pound Cake topped with dark chocolate and drizzled with pink strawberry.



Delightfully lemon Pound Cake topped with a Lemon Glaze, and clear edible crystals


Sour Cream

Moist and tender Sour Cream Pound Caked topped with the most delicious sour cream glaze and crushed walnuts.


Pecan Sour Cream 

Moist and tender Pound Cake blended with sour cream and pecans, topped with the most delicious sour cream glaze and crushed pecans


Mini Pound Cakes $24.00/half dozen


Minimum order of 6 mini pound cakes

Maximum one flavors for an order under 12 


 Pound Cake Balls and Pricing:








  Birthday Cake

Butter Pound cake with birthday confetti dipped in Vanilla and drizzle with colorful sprinkles.


Chocolate chip

Our signature Vanilla  pound cake recipe baked with chocolate morsels  dipped in a white coating and sprinkled with chocolate curls



Chocolate Pound Cake  dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with Chocolate and sprinkled with toffee and chocolate


German chocolate

Milk chocolate Pound Cake, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with German Chocolate Glaze


Red Velvet

Vibrant Red Velvet Pound Cake dipped in a vanilla coating and sprinkled with red edible crystals.



Moist Pound cake infused with caramel dipped in a caramel coating, with delicious toffee crunch


Wedding cake

Our signature vanilla Pound Cake dipped and drizzled with white chocolate and topped with clear, edible crystals.



Strawberry Pound Cake Dipped in a white chocolate coating and drizzled with pink edible crystals.



Delightfully flavored lemon Pound Cake dipped in vanilla flavored coating and drizzle sprinkled with yellow edible crystals.



Buttery pound cake baked with Brandy and pecans, blended to perfection dipped in a vanilla coating and topped with  caramelized pecans

Our delicious vanilla Pound Cake made with delicious milk chocolate morsels dipped in milk chocolate and topped off with a mini-marshmallow  and crushed graham crackers


Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese Pound cake dipped in a vanilla coating, and drizzle , topped with white and gold edible crystals


Key Lime

Key Lime Pound cake dipped in a vanilla candy coating, and drizzle topped with green edible crystals.

Sour Cream

Moist and tender Sour Cream Pound Caked dipped in a vanilla coating and drizzled and topped with crushed caramelized walnuts.

Pound Cake Balls $18/dozen 


Minimum order of 12 cake balls

Maximum 2 flavors for pound cake ball order under 2/dz

 Cake Balls $1.25 ea with an order of 100 or more

Sold by the dozen

Mini Pound Cake Cupcake and Pricing:









All mini Pound Cupcakes are available in flavors of both all cake balls and mini pound cakes......


 Cupcakes  $12/dozen ... @$1.00ea


Minimum order 12 cupcakes

Maximum 2 flavors for a cake ball order under 24

Sold by the dozen

Not sure if P.S. is what you are looking for in a "mini" sized treat, then try out our samples, We're sure you'll agree, that P.S. (petites sweets) is the perfect "mini" pound cake treat: 

Samples include 8 pound cake balls ($1.25 ea) or mini pound cake cupcakes ($.75 ea): 

Sample Option 1:  2 Red Velvet, 2 Chocolate, 2 Cream Cheese, 2 Lemon or Strawberry

Sample Option 2:  Choice of 2 flavors of your choice, four (4) each

Sample Option 3: 8 mini pound cake cupcakes two flavors of your choice,  four (4) each

All Deliveries subject to fee of $1.25/Mile

New!                                            P.S. Fruitbouquets

Make any day a celebration with P.S. (petite sweets) fabulous fruit creation!

Find our sweet and delicious creations by clicking the below link to our awesome endless fruit bouquets!

Fruit bouquets can be delivered with in 10 miles of zip code 44143

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Yes we, also, make our (petite sweets) Gluten Free!: For Gluten Free ~ add $0.50 to each treat

All Kosher ingredients used

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