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On Saturdy, March 28, 2015, on their 10AM weekly radio show, Host, Kathy Delong,, of radio station WAKR 1590, from Akron Ohio, invited P.S. (petite sweets) to interview, on the topic of our mini pouind cake treats. What an awesome experience and great exposure. Thanks Kathy!.....:o)

March 28, 2015

Rholanda Rance is the owner/operator of Petite Sweets, which specializes in mini pound cake treats. She'll pack them up and ship them anywhere for you. For more information: 888.868.4381 or Petite Sweets Now

Teena Angellique, a parapsychologist who gives insightful readings, is available for private consultations or events of all kinds, from small parties to weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Teena can be reached at 330.928.6739.

Okay so, maybe you missed the first interview...Well, here's your chance to hang out with us and one of Ohio's Radio Station WAKR 1590AM Right out of Akron...Host Kathy Delong asked that P.S. join their 11AM Radio Show, once again, up coming, on Saturday, July 25, 2015. P. S. will join the show at 11:30AM. Sooo, turn up your radios and chime in as we talk with Kathy and the WAKR gang! Hope to see you there!

July 25, 2015

Teena Angelique, a gifted parapsychologist, gives readings to people all over the world, from Brazil to Washington, D.C. She's also available for in-person readings most Tuesday nights at the Buckeye Tavern in Cuyahoga Falls. But call first to reserve a time. Teena can be reached at 330.928.6739.

Rholanda Rance, the owner of Petite Sweets, makes mini pound cakes that she now ships all over the country. To reach her and to check out her selections of treats, visit her website

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In June 2016. reached out to P.S. (petite sweets) requesting our partnering with them in the promoting of their Fruit Bouquets. P.S. accepted their offer! Had a wonderful training experience with two of their awesome training crew Jamie Waller and Scott Shepard. P.S. will Soon "Go Live" with the recreating of beautiful Fruit Bouquets! So stay tuned...We'll back to let you know how our first days of Fruit "Bouqueting" goes...yeah I know that's not a word...:o)


September 2016:

Well we've made it through our first month of Fruit Bouqueting...and it's been pretty good. We've made some beautiful fruit arrangements and had a great time doing it!

Visit us on our own web page to order Fruit Bouquets at -

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