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P.S.(petite sweets)

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P.S. (petite sweets)

If you crave irresistibly rich homemade pound cake, you’ve reached the right place! It is our pleasure to bring you our homemade pound cake treats!

Our pound cake treats start from scratch and always taste as good as they look. Petite sweets Pound Cake products are a moist, tender cake with a delicious texture and rich flavor. They consist of the finest butter and whole eggs. Fruit, spices, chocolate, and nuts are just a few of the ingredients in this decadent collection of desserts.

P.S. (petite sweets) uses the highest quality of ingredients to make its iconic moist and delicious pound cake desserts. P.S. creates 20 different delicious customizations of recipes and flavors, such as scrumptious cream cheese or pecan sour cream pound cake, pound cake balls and pops, and more. Our pound cake is always in season and is a perfect sweet treat to serve to your friends and family!

All of our homemade pound cake recipes are baked from scratch (we even crack each and every egg by hand). It's the only way P.S. would have it … and we're sticking to it!

Pound cake slices can be used in French toast and Bread pudding. Personally, I prefer slightly warm served with ice cream. Everyone should keep a pound cake on hand for that last minute dessert.

Just an FYI, pound cake products can be frozen for 6 months to a year if completely wrapped airtight. Our pound cake freezes beautifully and travels remarkably well. Just don’t expect to bring back any leftovers.

Speaking of frozen … Just when you thought there was nothing else we could possibly do with pound cake, P.S. also makes the most awesome homemade pound cake ice-creams, with every P.S. pound cake flavor.

Pound cake tastes great served alone or topped with ice-cream, fresh fruits, sauces or whipped toppings. They’re great with coffee, milk, or tea. You can even pair them with your favorite wines, cocktails, or beer.


Cooling Pound Cake Balls

Once cooled and dipped, these are the ultimate pound cake treats. A small bite of homemade pound cake


Assorted Pound Cake Balls

Assorted, elegant, bites of pure homemade delight


Assorted Pound Cake Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a moist and tender treat


All Kosher ingredients used

Yes we, also, make our (petite sweets) Gluten Free!

State of Ohio Licensed and Insured Home Bakery

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